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Most important things first: About this Royalty Free License

Every asset you download for free or paid from,, or one of its vendors (subsequently referred to as licensor,owner, copyright holder, creator or author) is forever yours and can be used in an unlimited number of end-products that end-users are not charged for, for your own or for your clients’ projects, commercially or non-commercially. You do not have to credit us as the copyright holder, even though we are very pleased for every word spread. You only have to credit us in editorial work like eBooks, books or magazines.

We like it easy!

For that reason we forego long legal texts and sum up the ”dos & donts” for you in a comprehensible language. By downloading free or paid assets from the licensor the licensee is granted non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited, life rights of use (Royalty Free License) for all assets downloaded from the copyright holder. These assets may be represent up to 50%of a final artwork or composition, that are created and/or used for the following reasons/media.

The Do’s (what this footage may be used for)

  • TV- and/or cinema movies and commercials
  • Creations for the web (e.g. on websites, display ads, greeting cards, newsletters, presentations, videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms
  • Ads (web, DOOH and print), blog content, advertising & promotion (e.g. flyers, roll-ups, etc.)
  • Advertising creations of any kind (roll-up/banner, booklet, film & animation, packaging, presentation, Social Media posts, videos, etc.)
  • Usage in printed brochures, journals, magazines, books, calendars, newspapers and alike (editorial work) requires to credit the author

The Dont’s (what this footage may NOT be used for)

  • Sublicensing, selling-on, providing for free or for a fee to others; the Royalty Free License” is bound to the licensee and cannot be transferred
  • Distribution on a physical medium paid or free and/or as a paid or free download on any website
  • The assets must NOT be used in the context of unlawful actions and/or propaganda
  • Usage in an offensive, infamous, obnoxious, insulting, discriminatory, radical or obscene manner
  • Every kind of usage that imputes to the author to be a follower or supporter of any kind of economic, religious or political party or organisation
  • Usage of free or paid assets that denounce or insult the author or any potentially depicted person. This includes, but is not limited to, every kind of usage in erotic and pornographic productions, advertising for illegal products, firearms, tobacco or related products and in a defaming, rights violating, morally annoying manner