Create your own fireworks

The Fireworks Construction Kit All-In Edition is a 4k "Black Footage" fireworks videos collection containing 51 single rocket shots and sequences. With the FWCK you can compose excellent fireworks on your existing footage or photos to enhance those to the most beautiful fireworks cinemagraph and impress your clients!


FilmMakers and Motion Designers, Do you know that? 

Content Marketing for NYE or Independence Day... You want to create beautiful fireworks assets for your content marketing, but the budget is too small for Shutterstock videos? Then you are forced to do the JPG thing?

Not this time! Enough 4k fireworks videos for all times and the very big bang!
51 fireworks sequences, 23 minutes length (no pause!) with a Shutterstock worth of over 6000€ for just 393,12 EUR!

Download six 4k Fireworks Videos for free!

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*Shutterstock price: $ 894.

Royalty Free License included.

FWCK (ALL-IN) contains all 51 Firework Videos

Go "All-In" and get 51 fireworks video files with single rockets and sequences playing over 23 minutes (without breaks)! The "All-In Edition" contains all 51 files.

FWCK (FREE) contains 6 Firework Videos + 1 Bonus

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Exclusive free addon in the Free Edition!

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